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CIRMS Needs Report

Identifying Needs in ionizing radiation science and technology

Table of contents

Executive Summary


The Council on Ionizing Radiation Measurements and Standards (CIRMS) is an independent, non-profit organization that draws together stakeholders from government, industry and academia to discuss, review and assess national needs in the field of ionizing radiation to enhance societal benefits.


CIRMS seeks to inform the national debate on issues involving ionizing radiation to make policy recommendations based on the interplay among fundamental scientific advancement, practical implementation of ionizing radiation technologies and governmental rules and regulations to ensure public safety. To achieve these ends, CIRMS seeks to organize expert opinion in focus areas: 1) medical applications, 2) radiation safety and security, and 3) industrial applications and materials effects.

Dynamic Needs Report

Through this online repository, CIRMS seeks to engage the community with the thoughtful insights and the results of vigorous discussions at our annual meetings and throughout the year. The goals of the Dynamic Needs Report is to track and keep up-to-date needs in the community that represent:

  1. areas in which federal regulations are insufficient to deal with rapidly evolving technologies;

  2. areas which member companies have identified as fertile areas for academia research which could lead to compelling graduate theses;

  3. areas in which national, state or local funding priorities seems to be mis-prioritized to address the mission of CIRMS; and

  4. areas in logistics and critical infrastructure which limit CIRMS and its affiliate labs, companies and academics from having access to traceable measurement standards in fields related to ionizing radiation.